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5 Common Myths About Success

It doesn’t matter from where you came but only matters where are you right now, many people have definition of success on their own way, but for success you must have great mixture of four ingredients which are physical, mental, emotional and spirituality. Everybody have different mixture of ingredients to believe they are successful.

So let’s talk about 5 common myths about to become successful leader


Our Ultimate Goal is to become Rich, Healthier and Happy

Firstly, these are wishes not goals, goals are like an example of beautiful house carefully designed, properly managed and upgrading regularly. If you don’t work what you want then it always be your wishes, so to convert these wishes to reality you have to take action with properly disciplined way to achieve your goals.


You must have to go for 4-year university

People believe that for success they must have to graduate minimum, knowledge is important but for success proper knowledge on that field is important, many successful people went 4-year degree university but after they learnt all that knowledge what they have to get for becoming success so they leave college before graduating. So always focus on what you want to become this is necessary, so give all your limited energy on that knowledge which make you successful person. Don’t go for other person perception, first know what you want to become and go for the journey of success.


You need more money

Everybody said if we have more money, then we are happier. First understand money have only intrinsic power to construct building, buy luxurious car, make people happy or make worst or corrupt people. Money is just the representation of stored value so always focus on value like more serving services to people which give you more money. The more you focus on value who serve others more money will flow.


You have to want it to make happen

This is partially myth it’s true that you have clarity and burning desire to get success. Practicing law of attraction is the most powerful technique to become successful person and it ensures the most desirable consequences and better result in your life. Only burning desire is not enough but for success you have to be action oriented don’t wait for other to start, just go for it and take action. Three laws to achieve goals are, first take action. second work towards it daily and third is develop discipline by using these three laws you can get what you want to achieve in life.


Success means have it all

High paid salary, family and big house near beaches firstly come in our mind if we are successful person. Everybody have different definition of success so never put these things in your mind. Physical, mental, emotional, and spirituality are the four ingredients to live successful and happier life. Every person has different combination of these ingredients according to his or her choice so select your great combination of ingredients for live better life.

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