Bad Habits that Damage your Kidneys

5 Most Common Bad Habits that Damage your Kidneys

Our life health depends upon our Kidney. If we live a good lifestyle then it directly impacts our kidneys. The main work of the kidney is to eliminate all acids and unhealthy substances from our body so that our body absorbs the mineral and water to the body.

So if your kidney does not work properly it will affect your health and after some time your body doesn’t work properly. To keep a healthy Kidney you have to take proper action on your lifestyle.


We all know many people without consulting doctors take pills for different treatments like fever or any other normal lifestyle disease on the basis of friends or family advice. Sometimes it causes overloading or side effects on the kidney and increases the risk of improper treatment for the body.

So if your kidney will malfunction on this criteria beware and immediately stop these pills.

Processed Food

The main culprit of kidney malfunction is processed food. Nowadays most people prefer not healthy food but treat healthy food as boring.
Because of that everywhere processed foods are advertised and people are easily influenced by these food items.
Processed Foods release slow poison into our body then its filtration is done by the kidney. So eating without controlling these food items will affect your health.


Less Water

Why doctor always tell you to stay hydrated always? The main reason is that water always acts to help in flushing all waste inside the body more efficiently. Because of less water, you are nearer to getting renal stones and problems with the urinary bladder. So drink at least 10 glasses of water every day.

Excessive Salt

The various survey was done and found that most people use salt in every dish for consumption this lead to an overdose of sodium.
Because of high sodium in the body, it increases blood pressure and bad effect on the kidney. So try to use less sodium by using more herbs and spices in vegetables or others which you like to eat.

Not Enough Exercise

Exercise is mostly curie of every disease because it will help you to remove all heat from the body to make you move ahead with positive sentiment every time. It also helps you to decrease the stone accumulated in the kidney. So exercise daily minimum of 30 mins every day to maintain the health of kidneys.