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No Time, No Workout: It’s Just an EXCUSE

Today we are seeing the way the climate is changing, technologies are rising because of that many people are directly relating it with health problems. Because of that productivity and life expectancy of the people are declining. It’s our responsibility that how we can handle our body to limit the various types of diseases.

Currently, the way covid 19 and other pandemic are rising, we have to understand the importance of healthy living. But many people are living a sedentary lifestyle. In this type of lifestyle, you are not only risking your health, but also it affects your family.

So exercise is very important for your body to increase your strength and optimize your health, but some people do it in their free time not regularly.
But you have to do workouts daily to maintain your body strength long-term.

How you can do workout daily as a sportsperson whether you are busy or not, remember when you say, I have not time to workout is just an excuse. So eliminate these types of behavior from life.


Setting anything priority in your life motivates you to follow a lifestyle. It’s because just like we eat or sleep, In the same way, makes daily exercise an essential part of life.
Just remember, Whether you are busy or free you never forget about eating or sleeping In the same way make the daily workouts a lifestyle. Understand this is your life, if you will remain fit for life, it will automatically help your body to achieve anything to do the different work with more energy.
So set as daily workout as routine life and you will see the development in your life.


After setting priority, now it’s time to set a goal for what you want to achieve, but remember to set a goal that you feel realistic not just seeing other bodies. Make a goal on what you want.
It’s not bad to develop yourself as your idol, but every person is different and your body will behave differently when you do work out. Be optimistic about your goal and take time patiently to achieve what you want.
By doing this you will know what is your journey and how you will achieve your target.


Setting a goal is one thing but the most important factor that helps you achieve your target is motivation toward work-out. We know every day is not the same day. Sometimes we feel highly motivated and sometimes not so much, because of that consistency lack.

This is the worst thing that happened for achieving your target. So keep the balance between them and remain motivated for what you want.
It is your duty how you will treat yourself to achieve the target.

And for that, you have to maintain consistency in your workout routine. Motivation to work hard plays an important role to achieve your target. Nobody can motivate or change your life until you are not ready to achieve your goal.


We all know if you are doing that work which you want to do, it will give enjoyment to every hard work you do. The more you enjoy the workout, it automatically increases your capability to do a regular workout.

So make sure to enjoy it by taking each step by step and you will see you can achieve what you are dreaming for.



This is the important factor that makes you feel a great achievement, what you have done for the workout. So reward yourself with little things. By doing this you always be ready to do an extra workout every single day. This will make you go beyond the limit for four work-out.

Therefore using all the above strategies you will get the desired achievement that you want from your body. Remember you have to push harder for yourself to increase your performance and live life with a purpose.

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