Eating too Much and Moving too Little

Eating too Much and Moving too Little : Obesity Causes

World Health Organization review report on the Obesity problem around the world and analyzed that obesity is going to a big problem for the health conditions. The number of people who died is more diabetic patients or those who are obese and have diseases associated with obesity.

The way we are changing our eating habits and consuming more food which contains lots of sugar content will become a great problem for children also.
So the question arises why obesity is increasing nowadays and it causes the rise of various diseases in the future.


Suppose if anyone wants to visit the  Market, they use comfortable convenience every time. Instead of going on foot or walk, this type of approach affect our fat percentage rise.
The energy that we have to take out, we are not using burning calories for the best for ourselves and consume more food.


Some people say, what they eat whether a healthy diet or not, their weight does not decrease and their fat level increases. Sometimes your gene also plays an important role in your metabolism rate. So if your family suffers from obesity disease, then talk to the doctor and according to that work on the body.


We all know that to activate our body at an optimum level our hormones must have to do action properly. But because of our diet selection, hormonal imbalances occur which is very difficult to know. Because of that our body reacts in a negative way and the obesity problem arises.

Stress and Sleep

Here you have to understand stress and sleep are related to each other that can cause obesity problems. If our stress level is high and sleeping is less then our body sends various different bad signals to our brain and it causes unusual hunger disorder. So to work our body properly our body must need less stress and proper sleep time.