Technology’s Grip: The Troubling Rise of Laziness Among Today’s Youth

Today, technology is significantly impacting our young generation, leading to a rise in laziness. Numerous surveys have revealed that compared to previous generations, today’s youth are less inclined to put in the effort required to achieve success. This increasing trend can be attributed to various lifestyle problems, as highlighted by survey findings.


Today, many individuals prioritize their family’s influence when choosing their degree, often disregarding their own personal interests. As a result, they may find themselves working in a sector they have no passion for, solely for the sake of financial stability. Over time, this can lead to a lack of fulfillment and motivation, causing individuals to work late without genuine interest in their tasks.

Social Media

Today, young people are engaged in a race to see who can use social media the most. Consequently, they end up spending a significant amount of time on these platforms. Unfortunately, this excessive time spent on social media often hinders their ability to complete their work on time, as it becomes more of a distraction than a productive tool.


After experiencing the impact of COVID-19, people have come to realize the true value of family. They now prioritize finding a job that offers a suitable work-life balance, allowing them to spend quality time with their loved ones. As a result, individuals are increasingly drawn to opportunities that provide them with a sense of freedom and flexibility.


The young generation in India is now realizing the significance of skills such as data science, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies. Acquiring these skills requires time and effort, leading many individuals to take holidays or leave their jobs to pursue further education. While some company founders may criticize the younger generation for being lazy and advocate for working 70 hours a week, it is essential for these founders to introspect and understand the circumstances.


In conclusion, the impact of technology on today’s young generation cannot be denied, as it has led to a rise in laziness. This trend can be attributed to various lifestyle problems, such as prioritizing familial influence over personal interests and excessive use of social media. The lack of fulfillment and motivation resulting from these factors can contribute to a decrease in effort and drive to achieve success. It is important for individuals to prioritize their own interests and find a balance in their use of technology in order to maintain their motivation and work towards their goals.