The Telomere Effect_ A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger and Healthier

The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger and Healthier

As we know our ancestors live longer. They don’t have to go to search for people who help them to get fit or to increase their lifespan. It’s simple, at that time environment was good and that helps them to nourish more compared to now. Everything was stable. They were going outside to hunt and bringing food home for everybody.

Now days even people don’t prefer to go outside to buy groceries or daily food items. Technology makes us live as convenient as we want but something which is in our genes from our ancestors’ time, we have to coordinate with technology.
Now because our Telomere cells breakout every time, the healing process, and our aging is becoming earlier. The more frequently our cell division occurs, the more the aging process increases.

So let’s understand the effect of Telomeres on our aging and how we can save our Telomere cells to get damaged.

Telomere Division

When our cell divides the length of the Telomere decrease frequently. So to not mature, these cells more frequently help to live more without early aging
For this don’t live in under extreme bad temperatures which will affect the cell in a bad way. By doing this our body starts cell division to repair our cells.

So to live a better life without early aging try to live in a comfortable weather.


It is the most influential factor that leads to undergo various other problems like stress, anxiety, and high blood pressure. Pessimistic thinking leads to affect our cell growth. The more we think or act negatively, our cell structure breakdown and undergoes various inflammation.
So always try to do work on to remove negative thoughts and start in that way which will influence you and your mind to increase productivity.

Exercise and Sleep

It’s fact that when people exercise their cells become stronger compared to those who don’t. So regular exercise helps your telomere to live more without stress.
You have to do weight exercise with aerobic exercise daily so that it will test your body overall. After doing proper exercise sleeping increase the health of the Telomere. So sleeping help your brain to activate cell division in a regular way and also help to stress management.

So if you are doing this in a regular way, you must notice that you have become more energetic and once you feel energetic it means your cell is working properly.