6 D's for Achieving Your Goals

6 D’s for Achieving Your Goals

Everyone dreams about success in life, but we saw some get it and some not. Why is this happening? Many people complain that even we get the same skills level but they got success and we didn’t get it. What is the difference? The answer is the mentality difference between you and the other person.
You can achieve success in life if you know how to use 6d’s in your life


It means how much internally you want to achieve your target and give sacrifices to be stable for the long term. Here you should always have a burning desire in your life to act properly on what you want and how to achieve it.

Understand desire is the initial step towards your target and it is what you want to achieve.


After the desire to achieve now it’s time to select the best decision or path which will help you to achieve your target. Keep in mind that the best decision is not straight and it’s difficult but it will help to grow. So take a good decision by knowing the present and future requirements that you want to achieve.
Take bold action and never take decisions under fear. Do it as courageous work and achieve your Target.
Understand your decision will help to achieve your target and get success in the long term.


It plays an important role to achieve success. The greater is your achievement greater you have to give more determination. You will get into trouble with your paths, but you have to be determined for the dream you want.
For solid achievement, a solid determination is required to achieve. So use power to be focus on what you want to achieve.


If you are not dedicated to your work, how do you achieve your target. It is the main component to attain success in life. Dedication helps to attain and to motivate to go ahead.
Always be active and give commitment towards your work or anything you do. Always work hard and regularly devote your time in a consistent way.


It plays an important role in life to get success. It helps you to remain consistent with your work. Sometimes people say a disciplined life is just boring, but it is a lie. Understand what life you want and whether you will control your life or not.

If you don’t know how to control your life what you want, how you can achieve Target. Discipline not only helps you to attain Target but also teaches life lessons on how you can increase your productivity by using the same amount of time that others are getting.

Those who aren’t disciplined they just waste their time and become lazy after that their life becomes same as failure people.


The challenge always motivates you to build the best version of yourself.  If you have the capacity to take hard work as a challenge and move it in a consistent way then it automatically increases the level of your success.

We all know those work which is not in comfort jone help you to grow only if you take it as dare. So if you want to achieve success in life use all 6Ds ,it will sure provide you to grow exponentially.