Fitness Secret blue zones

Blue Zone Fitness Secret : Increase Life Expectancy

Blue zone defined by Dan Buettner where he tries to understand how the people who live in this region have more life expectancy than other people.
There are only 5 places where this zone exists, Okinawa (Japan),  Sardinia (Italy), Nicoya (Costa Rica), Icaria (Greece), and Loma Linda (USA).

What makes this place different from other places? Observations have found that if anybody wants to live better life they have to follow the routine of blue zone people.
So what’s the secret?  Let’s talk about people routines and their diet to live healthy for the long term.

Physical Activity

Blue zone People understand the importance of physical activity. Every day,  at the age of 90 they do their personal job on a regular basis.

You will be shocked to know that, at the age of 90 they go to the forest and after cutting wood they come back to home, where at the same age in urban people lost memory and don’t able to walk or remember properly.

So if anybody wants to live long they have to take part in physical activity each day.

Plant Based Food

Most people in this region eat plant based food grown by their own hands on their land. Whatever they eat are fully organically grown which is the best for health. By this way of eating mostly people never get any internal disease caused by pesticides grown crop.

So if we want to live a better life, we have to also eat fully organic food.


People who live here mostly have priority in life by setting routine life.  They clearly know what they have to do today or tomorrow by fixing the routine which works regularly as compared to other people live in the City.

They don’t believe in multitasking. They do work what the role they have given. By following this regime their stress level is low.
So work your life on the routine way, and make chart what is priority or not.

No Supplement

The people of blue zone believe on the nature and always take vitamin rich or mineral nutrients from natural products.
Because of that they have so much understanding of which is the best food for this vitamin or mineral and grow these in the backyard so that they can eat in a proper way.
This type of eating not only cure body from disease but also improve mental health.

Social Connection

We live in technology based city where our social connections are on Facebook, Insta or other platforms where we communicate with long distance people but there is no deep connection between our friends.
Social connections never provide our mind to communicate strongly emotionally or spiritually based understanding between people. Blue zone people are just opposite, they socialize with local people and also take part in spiritual activities also.

By this, they don’t feel lonely. They can share their deep emotions better with people and take part in other people’s lives also.

So if anybody wants to live happily and long you have to follow or try the same regime.