Core Messages to be a True Innovator

3 Core Messages to be a True Innovator

Today if anyone asks you what you want to achieve and how you can get the purpose of life or success. Your answer must be specific and easily understandable to every people in such a way that they will be eager to follow your step.

Everybody knows Jeff Bezos, but what is the strategy that differentiates him from other people. How he is achieving and modified strategy to get success in every step.

Here we are providing you with three steps that make you a true innovator.

Day One Motivation

This strategy Jeff Bezos practices throughout his lifetime is to get motivated every single day. It gives you the power to think every day about how you will innovate your product to increase its quality.

By this, you will always be ready to take the challenge for the day when you quit the job and think to start your own startup. So take every day as a new opportunity to learn and enrich your knowledge to get success in the long term.


For every new idea, there is an importance of execution. You have to give proper time to implement that idea and stick with it for the appropriate time period.
Mostly whether your product is good or bad the time is a great learning source whether that product gives you success or failure.

So the question arises how many years we have to stick with our products. The answer is mostly you can get all the results whether it will give you success or failure is 3 years.

Appropriate Failure

Here you have to understand the common failure that most people do than successful people do. Success comes only when you know and believe about the product you are innovating. But during innovation in the product you get failure but after some time this failure gives you experience about future product.

So this type of failure is appropriate and give feedback to develop a future successful product.

These 3 core messages will help you to understand the basic need to develop and how you can achieve your success by believing in yourself.