Your Health is at Risk if You Live in a Heat-Borne World

Heat Wave? Your Health is at Risk if You Live in a Heat-Borne World

The way our climate is changing our generation will face hard repercussions of this not only on our planet but also on our health. Experts believe that if that type of heat is present for a long time it may increase cardiovascular disease and many people die from heart attacks caused by heat.

So the question arises, how you can avoid the irregular increase of heartbeat which lead to death during summertime? Here are precautions you have to maintain a low body temperature compared to a hot climate.

Monitor Weather

Before going outside see the weather if there is a heat wave then try to do your all job before 12 to 4 pm. Most scientist estimates the heat wave impact is more in between this hour, after this, you can go outside with precautions.

Avoid Alcohol

During heat season if anybody takes alcohol, then it may increase the risk of heat exposure to the heart. It also causes an irregular pattern of the heartbeat which leads to an increased risk of heart failure.

Drink Water

Most people don’t drink water as our bodies needed. Many surveys showed that you’ve to drink 8 ounces of water every 20 mins time interval.
Bit of you have a heart problem then talk with the doctor to know how much you have to drink because drinking extra water causes swelling.

Protect Skin

The scientist said that one of the saddest side-effects of extra heat is getting burned on the skin which leads to cancer because of Ultraviolet Rays.
So it’s your responsibility to protect your skin before outgoing. Apply skin cream over SPF 30 on the exposed part of the body. By doing this step you can save yourself from heat. But if our environment will degrade like this then in future it will impact our lives and also on earth existence.