Dealing with Gaslighting in the Workplace

How Companies Can Deal with Gaslighting and Protect Employees

We understand the competition among different organisations to be successful, and how they often manipulate people from various platforms to achieve this goal. This process can lead people to choose which company is right for them, even when all companies offer the same product with the same value.

Unfortunately, these days many organisations are experiencing the damaging effects of gaslighting from within, where some employees are made to feel inferior to their colleagues. This can be incredibly damaging to both the organisation and the employees, and can lead to serious implications for both parties.
Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that seeks to make you doubt your thoughts, feelings, and decisions by convincing you that you are wrong, even when you know you are right. This tactic is often used to control or manipulate another person, denying them of their own sense of reality.

So how organizations make sure to solve gaslighting process inside the employee?


It plays an important role in understanding the behaviour of people and their thinking or dominant nature. If somebody has the capability to work better, yet is not delivering the required output, then it may be a sign of gaslighting. This is when somebody is manipulating them into believing that their decisions are wrong and they are not capable of doing their best. Recognizing these signs and standing up against gaslighting is essential to ensure that everybody can reach their full potential.


When you understand that somebody is gaslighting you, it is important to recognize their behavior and be confident in your own strategy for work. Each individual has a different perception and approach to work, so trust in yourself and your decisions in order to reach success. Remain confident and continue to strive towards your goals, no matter the obstacles.

Organization Culture

Any organisation’s success depends on how its rules and regulations are followed by its employees, whether they are motivating or not. If employees don’t feel motivated or accepted in the workplace, it can lead to gaslighting, which can be damaging to the organisation’s success. Therefore, it is essential to create an environment that encourages positive behaviour and encourages employees to work together in harmony.

Self Care

Self care is the best way to protect yourself from gaslighting. By understanding the signs of gaslighting and taking action to distance yourself from people who are not helping you to grow, you can take an important role in minimizing the amount of gaslighting you are subjected to. If you think someone may be gaslighting you, don’t hesitate to take care of yourself and protect yourself from harm.


In conclusion, it is important for organisations to become aware of the damaging effects of gaslighting and to take steps to prevent it within their work environment. By creating an open, safe and supportive workplace, organisations can ensure that their employees can carry out their roles without feeling undermined or manipulated. This can help to create a more successful, productive and fulfilling environment for all, and ultimately, help organisations to remain competitive in the ever-changing business landscape.