Diabetic Capital of the World: Top 5 Reasons Behind Diabetes

Today diabetes around the world is a big concern beyond pandemic. It is estimated that only in India about 80 million people will get this disease till 2030. The amount of work without proper attention on health is the main reason for the increasing diabetes issue.
In many surveys, it is said that because of the covid 19, it will increase more than the estimated number till 2030.
So the question arises what is the reason behind diabetes. Let’s talk about all the issues of getting this problem so that we spread awareness about this disease.


The main reason for diabetes is how we live, what we do, and how active we are. The survey tells that most people of India live a sedentary lifestyle. They don’t live a proper healthy lifestyle.
So to decrease the risk of diabetes people must be active more physically.

Processed Food

Nowadays we see more people always eat processed or refined food in the diet, which not only increases obesity but also increases diabetes.
So for proper diet try not to eat refined food, these foods basically contain simple carbs which raise sugar level high in the body.


Alcohol drinking is the main concern that leads to an increase in the risk of diabetes. The sad part of this is that everybody knows drinking alcohol is bad for health, but they drink it.
It not only leads people to increase the risk of diabetes but also increases the risk of carcinogenic disease.


It is said that if your previous ancestors had diabetes. You may are at risk of diabetes. So Know about your family who had this type of disease.
If you want to prevent yourself from this disease start taking precautions mentioned by the doctor.


It plays an important role to increase the risk of diabetes, survey showed that if your stress level is high you will consume more processed food and those foods that are in categories of simple carbs.
So be in a light mood under any circumstances and deliver your best to get rid of stress levels.

Diabetes is more dangerous to health. It causes various diseases as aging increases. So understand the importance of life and consume that food which is more healthy.