Discipline equals Freedom: What does it mean ?

People always want to get professional freedom, financial freedom, or other freedom that they desire, but they don’t know how to get it. Here you have to understand your freedom lies inside you so what is it. It’s your self-discipline that helps you to reach your goals.

Self-discipline is hard to follow but when you try it with consistency after some time its becomes your friend that helps you what you want.
So let’s understand what does discipline equals freedom means.

It is simply your discipline that helps you to get the path to reach your destination for what you want to get from life.
To get freedom and reach your destination discipline is important but people always want to know what’s tactic we can use. So let’s understand the tactics you have to apply to be disciplined.

Berserker Mode

Imagine when you think about waking up early morning, your mood says just sleep more time, but here you the ignite berserker mode in which you use your inside anger mode and say common wake up and do the workout. This mode will help to get proper time management to achieve your freedom.


Brain Silence

Here you have some routine on how you can achieve your target. Write it down and put it in mind without any distraction. By this, you put your brain off for the noise coming there and you start doing what your routine says.

Always remember building consistency in your schedule make you reach your goals or freedom. So never give noise to your brain to distract your work and be consistent to work.



Sometimes our weaknesses try to manipulate us, like don’t wake up today and just sleep now e.t.c. Here you have to laugh at this and tell your inside to act your routine life.

By this doing every day you will see your self-discipline life become sustainable and will help to get the best result.

Not Today

If you think to do work today, your brain says sometimes don’t do today we will work tomorrow. Here this rule comes into the act. Just say no to rest Today, I will rest tomorrow.
If you do it consistently for a long time, you will improve your life.

So understand if you want to get freedom whether it is financial or professional.