Examples of Simple carbs to quit

Quit Processed Food & Simple Carbohydrate

Carbohydrates are a good source of energy to do our work properly in sedentary life or active life. But people don’t understand which carbs they have to take that will not spike their sugar level and store as fat in the body.So how to get rid of this problem.  Firstly you have to understand what are simple carbs. There are many examples of simple carbs like candy, burger, sandwich, cold drink or other beverages, which are not good for health.

Simple carbs are basically those carbs which lack in fibre and easily broken into sugar that leads to spike sugar level.
This increases the pressure of the pancreas to handle insulin level, and if your body doesn’t utilise this energy rapidly then it will store fat inside the body. So try to get rid of the various examples of simple carbs and utilise complex carbohydrate to live a proper life.


Today wherever we see in the market, penetrations of all unhealthy foods are shown by communication channels like social media or television.
Every big company are promoting. We wonder why people are spending lots of money on processes food (simple carbs) who are responsible for spiking sugar level in the body.
Due to that people are suffering from lots of diseases and then again spend lots of money on diseases occurs to due to that. Why we are not understanding this situation. It’s our responsibility to be fit in our life and promote this in other’s life also.
So here we are talking about what will happen to your body when you quit eating processed food or simple carbohydrate.

Sugar Level

If you eat processed food it will increase your sugar level quickly and release energy rapidly. After some time it goes down and you feel tired. So always eat that food which is complex carbohydrates and contain fibre.
Fibre food doesn’t increase the sugar level rapidly and maintains energy for a long time. So eat complex carbohydrates, not simple or processed food.

examples of simple carbs sugar

Weight Loss

Weight gain or loss depends upon the amount of calories you are taking. If the amount of calories intake goes up automatically it decomposes on the belly. It leads to weight gain. Most people who eat processed food or simple carbohydrate it gives you lots of calories in less amount.

So stay away from simple carbohydrate or processed food. Weight gain leads to various diseases like a bone problem or cardiovascular diseases.


Everybody understands the addiction level of simple carbs. They eat one time but the problem arises when taking more these items more and more every time. Why it is happening? Understand the truth that this type of food is made so that people get an addiction to that.
Many companies know how to make more and more these type of food which will become more sugary or salty such that people get excited.
So think about the addiction level of these type of food and try to eliminate for a better life.


Simple carbs are basically contained simple sugar, which easily spikes into the body and makes insulin resistant to your body.
Due to this releasing of insulin goes down and you will easily get suffer from diabetes. So replace simple carbs by highly rich fibre food to decrease this type of disease.


We eat any food items to get the most energy to do our life work with the right amount of energy. But when we eat simple carbs, it will give short-time energy and after some time our energy diminishes. So replace various examples of simple carbs with other complex carbs like whole wheat bread, quinoa, vegetable or fruits which will give you a long time of energy. It makes you sustainable for your work and gives you to live life with energy.