Green Economy

Why is Green Economy Important in Today’s World

As the climate is changing there is a rise in global warming and the world temperature will increase 2 degrees Celcius by 2030 if we continue to use fossil fuels for our energy or other operation. So what is the solution to decrease the effect of global warming on our life and the answer is a green economy?

Many projects are rising today in the green economy by various countries like China, India, the USA or the European Union.
The way pandemics are rising and other diseases chances are that many countries will come together to invest their money in greener Earth. Because it’s all about saving our earth and societies
If we can’t handle global warming, our infrastructure will fall and many countries or islands will undergo a serious danger of rising water levels.
So why today many countries are moving towards a greener economy rather than a fossil fuel-based economy. The answer is a green economy.

Green economy moto is to grow with nature whether it is socially or economically and remain sustainable for our new generation.


The green economy is not only the replacement of fossil fuel or other non-renewal sources that increases carbon content in the atmosphere but it also plays an important role to stabilize our nature also.

Today various industries are going into solar or hydroelectric to enrich and fulfil the needs of people whether it is electricity or energy to run transportation.

If we replace all conventional technology with new green and friendly technology it will increase the oxygen level in the environment. By this, our generation will be in the safe hands of nature for the long upcoming years. Therefore user-friendly technology that copes with the environment.


Government benefit

To promote a green economy various initiatives are coming from governments of different countries. For example, all European unions come together to generate electricity through wind power.
They also take initiative to give subsidies to private sector companies to use renewable energy to provide the transport facilities or other sectors to promote and make all facilities more sustainable for the long term.
There is also lots of investment are done by different countries on global climate change to low down the temperature and make all people live under the best affordable way.



This factor also played to understand the importance of a Green economy. The way our environment is a loss due to overuse of fossil fuels or other pollution increases the interest of many developed countries to go into a greener Economy.
Many countries have been declared a nature emergency and start to invest in the green economy which will help our generation, not to overuse animals or other products to use as resources.


Maintaining the global climate and maintaining the ecology play an important part in the green economy. By using and promoting new technology to remain sustainable for the long term, we save our earth and also ourselves.

Understand we have to take control of how we are using fossil fuels unless earth know itself to balance all factors and thus our species come into extinction someday.
So by promoting a greener Economy with balance we will live more peacefully on earth.