Really Care about Health

Really Care about Health ? Avoid these Foods

Today we are living a fast and busy life. Everybody wants to be healthy but sometimes they don’t understand the importance of the food they are consuming.
We all sometimes don’t know the nutrition of food items just eat and think we always eat healthy food. So if you want to be really healthy understand the food items you are choosing, whether it’s healthy or not. We all know what we eat reflects on our bodies, so decide the best food for yourself.

Salty food

Who doesn’t love salty food? Everyone. But if you care about health understand how much salt is suitable for yourself. Salty food retains water inside the body and people consume lots of salty food like chutney, masala, or other sources of salt.
Every time they eat use salt in food or other drink. Because of that, they got puffy around the eyes because of water retain.

Fatty food

Fat is an essential source for the body to function on an optimum level. But excess fat destroys our glow and makes it a dull appearance. When we eat fried or more oily food, it converts into transfat and store in the body.

Excess of fried also eliminates all the essential nutrients like omega 3 and other sources of vitamins. So don’t eat so much fried food, try to eat less fatty food to live an active life.

Coffee or Tea

When we take coffee or any other caffeine product. It causes dehydration and the skin becomes dry looks like it is aged. Also over-consuming this beverage, will lead to increase cortisol which causes degradation of skin or body quality.

Sugary Foods

This food mainly contains refined sugar, which will spike the insulin level and leads to fat gain, diabetes, or other related health defects.

Many healthy people always try to avoid white bread or other simple carbohydrates to maintain themselves. So if you really care about health avoid refined sugary food.
If you are carving this food then take it as low as possible.

Red Meat Food

These foods contain saturated fat and lots of cholesterol and because of it leads to inflation on body parts. So if you want to be healthy don’t eat this food, consumption of this food leads to collagen production and makes your skin dull also.