Globalization has made the traditional way of eating obsolete – and it’s killing us.

The way the world is now connected with different ethnic people, we have access to different types of food from different sources. This can affect our health and replace our traditional way of eating with a bad lifestyle. However, it is our responsibility to choose what we eat.

Globalization has changed the traditional way of eating to shortcut food. Today, those who live on a traditional way of eating lifestyle live longer than those who move from it to a fast food culture.


What you eat and why you eat it plays an important role in decision-making. Because of globalization, our mentality tends to revolve around time instead of our bodies. We save time by eating packaged or ready-to-eat foods.

But if you take the time to balance your time, you can get the best traditional food, which may take more time, but you will understand that your mentality should revolve around your body, not time.


Now people don’t want to work at home by just doing small things; they always depend upon technology which can do work in replacement. You can see Japan where technology and innovation are more developed, but the people of Japan do their own home work not by robot but from their own hands.


This plays an important role in understanding the side effect of globalization on traditional food. Traditional food contains the secrets of recipes that are healthy for lifestyle and reduce our stress levels. But when you consume fast food or ready to eat food, it contains various ingredients that help to store it for a long duration, which decreases the nutrient absorption.



Nowadays, people believe what they see more often because of globalization. Many brands use that strategy to manipulate people into choosing food that is supposedly best for human health. However, there is very little advertising of our traditional food in comparison to fast food or ready-to-eat food. Everyday, we see advertising for sugary drinks and salty snacks, which creates problems in our lives.

So try and eat traditional foods which are grown in your local area with better environmental conditions for a healthier life and a longer life.



It is our responsibility to choose what we eat, even though the world is now connected with different ethnic people and we have access to different types of food. We should be careful about the food we choose to eat, because it can definitely affect our health. It is important to have a balance between the traditional way of eating and the new, modern way of eating in order to stay healthy and fit.