Healthy and Low Carbon Footprint Food

Healthy and Low Carbon Footprint Food

Food carbon footprint is that type of food that is measured by how much greenhouse gas is released by growing, farming other methods.
The more complex production of food the more it emits greenhouse gas. Today we have to understand global climate change.  Everyone has a  responsibility to deal with this situation and how they should emit less greenhouse gas emissions.

So we have to select that low carbon footprint food that reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
The question arises how and what food we have to take which not only reduce carbon emissions but also make us more fit.

Eat Vegetarian Food

When we eat animal food it emits more greenhouse gas than vegetarian food. If you will eat vegetarian food you will live longer than those who consume animal food, slimmer, and also get rid of high blood pressure, diabetes, or other cardiovascular diseases.
Replace animal Protein with wholegrain food, lentils, or Soya paneer.

Cook Smartly

Today many people cook food in a different way and it also consumes more energy. Then after they don’t eat all the food and causes wasting of food.
So cook only such amount what you eat. Today many people remain hungry and sleep without food.
This will also help to reduce your carbon emission during cooking.

Organic Agriculture

Many healthy people understand the bad effect of pesticides or chemicals on the body. Because of that, they are promoting agriculture with the use of organic waste.
When we do organic agriculture, it also increases the fertility of the soil and also increases the production of crops.
So we should always try to eat organic fruits and vegetables.
It will also decrease carbon emissions and increase the supply of oxygen to tackle global climate change.

Save Water

Water is necessary for agriculture, but the way population rises, water misuse in the production of crop leads to a decrease in the level of groundwater.
Due to this, it increases the scarcity of water to people and many people will not get water to drink also.
Water scarcity at the ground level also leads to an increase in the temperature of the earth also and causes global climate change.

Local Food

We all know that crop production depends upon the climate or the environment and what type of soil is present in that region.
It also shows that crops will also have more capacity to produce in that region so try to eat these food items. So that the amount of carbon used is easily absorbed or consumed by the people who are living in that region.
By using local food items for consumption also doesn’t require import from other countries which reduce transportation cost.


Reuse and Recycle

When you buy food items then firstly think not to use plastic bags for packing because it is not recyclable and also pollute the soil or the environment.
So use those items which are usable again and easily recyclable so that it will reduce the cost of the manufacturing process which leads to emit greenhouse gases to our environment.

Maintaining our climate is our hands so try to eat that food that emits a low carbon footprint in the environment.
By this not only do we live a healthy life but also make our environment safe for our future.