The Hidden Power of Your Gut

The Hidden Power of Your Gut: Unlocking the Key to Optimal Health and Disease Prevention

The gut is as important as the brain when it comes to impacting the future of our body and the types of diseases we may develop. In fact, around 80 percent of diseases are related to the gut, highlighting the need for us to prioritize gut health. In this discussion, we will explore effective ways to take care of your gut health.

Ultra Processed Food

Processed foods, such as maida or snacks, are known to be quickly digested by the small intestine. This rapid digestion can lead to an increase in body fat levels and contribute to gut problems.

Oily Food

Consuming food that contains oil requires mindful consumption to avoid any negative impact on your gut health. Unfortunately, many people continue to consume oil-rich foods, which can lead to increased cholesterol levels and various gut-related diseases.


When we consume sugar, it rapidly dissolves in our body and triggers the release of dopamine. This dopamine signals our body to crave more and more sugar, which can ultimately reduce our body’s ability to absorb nutrients effectively.

Fibreless Food

Eating fiber-rich foods provides a feeling of satisfaction in the stomach, which helps curb overeating. In contrast, consuming foods that lack fiber leads to fast digestion and an increased appetite, contributing to weight gain and an elevated risk of cardiovascular diseases.


In conclusion, taking care of our gut health is vital for overall well-being. By avoiding ultra-processed and oily foods, reducing sugar consumption, including probiotics and high-fiber foods in our diet, staying hydrated, and managing stress levels, we can promote a healthy gut and reduce the risk of gut-related diseases. Prioritizing gut health will not only benefit our digestive system but also contribute to our overall health and longevity.