How India Can Rise Above the Maldives in Tourism Dominance

How India Can Rise Above the Maldives in Tourism Dominance

India boasts a rich and diverse culture that offers travelers a wealth of fascinating experiences. With its expansive coastline and inland waterways, India presents an array of attractions for foreign visitors. However, it is disheartening to see smaller nations like the Maldives drawing significant attention from tourists. This raises the question of how India can surpass the Maldives in the tourism sector.


The comparison between islands like Lakshadweep and the Maldives is an interesting one. While these islands may bear a resemblance, it’s essential to recognize the potential for India to invest in the development of its own islands. By prioritizing infrastructure investment, India can enhance the appeal of its islands, ultimately attracting more travelers and positioning them as a top choice compared to the Maldives.

Government Policies

The previous government policies for islands like Lakshadweep were not on par with those of the Maldives. However, the current government has decided to attract various investors for the development of various islands. This proactive approach aims to emphasize the importance of the domestic tourism sector, rather than relying on other countries like the Maldives. This strategic initiative is expected to bring about positive changes and opportunities for the local community and the tourism industry.


To foster growth in the tourism sector, it is essential for people to comprehend the influence of the environment on a country. A comparison between the environmental conditions of India and the Maldives reveals stark differences. Several cities in India are grappling with poor environmental conditions, dissuading tourists from visiting. Hence, the environmental state significantly influences tourist motivation.

Culture Factor

India’s tourism potential extends beyond its picturesque landscapes to its rich cultural diversity. To truly stand out and attract tourists beyond destinations like the Maldives, India must showcase its unique cultural factors. The various tribes of Indian islands such as Lakshadweep and Andaman Nicobar have the opportunity to offer tourists a glimpse into their captivating ways of life, providing an authentic and enriching experience.


The development of India’s tourism sector, particularly in comparison to popular destinations like the Maldives, is a topic of great importance. It is evident that India’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty offer immense potential for attracting tourists. By focusing on infrastructure development and aligning government policies with the needs of the tourism industry, India can undoubtedly elevate its status as a preferred travel destination. With strategic investments and policy reforms, India can position itself as a top choice for travelers, thereby surpassing the allure of destinations like the Maldives.