CENTS Rules for Converting Your Startup into the Successful Business

Many people want to become a great and successful businessman, sometimes they get success, but there are large people who start their company, invest time and lots energy but they don’t get success. Sometimes after doing all this when people didn’t get success, they stopped doing their work and sometimes they got frustrated so much they give up.

Bible has given ten rules by which people will live their life with great success and peace. Like this, there are five rules by which any person can create the successful business.


Just imagine one person who is working in some company and earning money and other person is working in his own company and he is also earning. After sometime previous one who is working in company,his company said you are not required for us what will happen to that person who worked so hard,because of no control on income sources he will face financial problem.


Another person will always earn money because he has control power because of his own company. So always make yourself to take over all control on your work, never depend upon only one source of income, if you expand your income sources and control everything in your hand then you can create a successful business. Always make your business more expandable in vitro manner way.

2. Entry

When you think to start a company, first think about the market entry is anyone will replicate your products if no then go ahead. If anybody can copy your product then believe that you can’t create a successful business. So always try to enter that market in which nobody can copy your product, by this you will make your company sustain for the long term.


For Example

See if you want to open something in food industry if you are delivering same things like other are delivering,then after sometime whole money you invested ruined away, so always think about the biggest problem what the society facing then think about to solve problem and at last think that how you can make this product so that no other will copy it.


When you think about to open start-up, then firstly know about what products are delivering society want or not, if your company will not capable of fulfilling the need of society then the company will not sustain for the long term.


You have to always think about people need not what you want or your company wants. sometimes people think that they are solving the big problem of society, but society thinking is different they don’t want to use those products. So always think about to deliver those products who show values to society, this approach helps your company to sustain for the long term in future.


Time is limited for every person if you are earning money by giving lots of your time to the company, then you are just creating a job for you. To become businessman you have to hire people who will work for you so that you will energy on how you will expand your service to the people.


This strategy will help you to concentrate on other things for your company so that you can compete with Others in the market.


Suppose you have skills with that you created a product, but in the company no other than have those skills, then you will get fewer clients because you can’t handle lots of clients this will not scale your business to large people. So always try to deliver those products to people which will be easily scalable.


Example: Software company is earning lots of money why because they use some changes according to the need of the people, they have to just build one Software and when the customer needs some changes they do it. It improves the scalability of your business.