List of Vitamins and Minerals Humans Need

List of Vitamins and Minerals Humans Need

We all know our body work when we have a diet plan of well defined macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients basically are protein, carbs, fat, etc, whereas micronutrients involve vitamins and minerals that provide better health so that we can work at optimum efficiency.

Vitamins are organic substances that help your body cells to work properly, whereas micronutrients are inorganic chemicals like magnesium, zinc, iron which turn your food into energy so that you can utilize it.

So here we share the best micronutrients which help you to attain optimum health and fitness level.

Vitamin B12

It always plays an important role in the function of cells to perform all your action. It also helps in the improvement of nerve cells. Mainly it is present in meat, egg dairy products. It also helps in the better absorption of food and releases more energy.

If you are deficient of this then you get fatigued and various disease. So always take this in a regular way. If you are vegan then take the supplement, because it is not present in the plant-based products.

Vitamin C

It is water-soluble that helps to increase the immune system to work more efficiently. The survey showed that if any person drinks vitamin c daily it helps to boost your body and clean your body system.

So proper intake of vitamin c maintains your mental condition and electrolyte in the body. It also helps to reduce belly fat. So take this super vitamin daily and increase your body’s optimum health.

Vitamin D

It is a rare vitamin that our body doesn’t make or take from our diet. For this, we have to take sunlight exposure. If our body will not get a sufficient amount of vitamin D it affects our bone and decrease the immune system.
To know whether you are lacking this vitamin take check up your blood and see whether you need this or not.

Many surveys tell the result of not taking sufficient vitamin D. People will get various health issues like muscle weakness, asthma problems, or various respiratory problems. So always take sufficient amount of vitamin from our nature.


When we work out, more sweat releases and our muscles want energy. At this stage, our magnesium level dips down. For this people have to take food made of whole grain, legume, tofu in your regular diet.
By taking magnesium, our workout efficiency increases and we develop body muscle. So take this from food or also from supplement products.


Iron plays an important role in transferring oxygen from blood vessels to the main part of the lungs. Because of this your body take a better supply of oxygen to work more efficiently.
Low levels of iron cause many respiratory problems, anemia, or other infection. To overcome the deficiency of iron you should take iron-rich food like beetroot or also take iron supplements.


It also plays an important role to increase optimum health. If you take it regular basis your digestive system work well and will increase your metabolism.
The right amount of probiotics lower the risk of upper respiratory problem during winter and increase immunity.

So understand the importance of micronutrients. And Take it regularly in diet to increase the better function of the body.