Remove SADNESS from your LIFE

Remove SADNESS from your LIFE : Change your LIFESTYLE

We saw many people are affected by seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It is a type of depression in which they feel less energetic and more sleepy.
You have to understand why this happens. The way season change or today’s lockdown is also responsible because people are not getting more social exposure and also vitamin d. When we do not get outside exposure we remain in the same situation for the long term lead to lethargic and SAD.
Here we are giving you all the nutrients information that helps to reduce seasonal affective disorder.

Sad is related to low serotonin levels in the body and with less sunlight exposure your melatonin level increases. Because of it people feel a low level of energy and undergo depression.

Today depression become common, but after some time it leads to various diseases or sometimes suicidal character also increases. So here we are giving you how you will tackle this seasonal affective disorder.


You have heard lot of time if you eat healthy food you will feel energetic. So increase vegetable and fruit quantity in your diet. You have to avoid processed food or oily food as it leads to lethargy and increases melatonin levels in your body.

So firstly change your diet and eat lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables according to your need.

Get Outside

You can go outside as possible and take vitamin D, which will play a crucial role in your health. Apart from that your running capability or another exercise will help to rejuvenate your body.
By doing this you feel the energy and your body’s positiveness increase. So utilize yourself as a weapon to decrease the level of depression.


This is the best way to get rid of depression. The study shows that those things in which you are interested will motivate you. Understand there is no limit to knowledge. Learn and make your time busy to avoid less energy.

So use your empty time to increase knowledge daily.


Everybody knows the secret of mediation. It will help your body and mind to act stably under any pressure. Meditation will show you all the aspect of life if you do correctly. Just close your eye and keep calm in your mind, you will understand which is right and which is wrong.

Meditation mostly helps people to overcome the distraction of life.


So follow all the above procedures to tackle depression behavior under any circumstances to increase your energy level.