One Minute Leadership

One Minute Leadership: Secrets to become a Leader

Have you imagined how you can become a great leader in just one minute and how you can make your employees happier and motivate them to work more efficiently?
We see some leader is getting more profit for the company but their employee says their behavior is not good. But in other aspects employees say their leader is best in behavior but they are not making the company profitable.
You have to understand the secret of how you can become a great leader in one minute and also make your company more profitable.

One Minute Goal

It is the foundation of any company to reach what they want and how they can achieve their target. Here leader and employee have to maintain coordination about goals by writing goals not more than 250 words and take copies of notes between each other.

The goal should always be based on the 80/20 rule. Here all eighty percent of accomplishment will come from the 20 percent of work you do every day.
So goal setting always leads to understand the importance of work and result what you want in an organization.

One Minute Praise

Understand this rule. We see various leaders always try to catch the weakness of employees and they show to other employees that this employee is doing the wrong task.
But here good leaders want their employees to get success. And for that, they always catch them to their success in work and help them to achieve more development in life by giving feedback or training what they need.

After all, in the case when employees get success and do their best capability to achieve the target then the leaders should never hesitate to praise their potential.
So help your employees to get success in life, give feedback and motivate them to achieve the target.


One Minute Reprimand

Here a good leader should be accountable for what the employees are doing and should express feeling what he is feeling towards employees when they did wrong.
For this, you have to analyze the mistake and pin-drop silence for some time so that employees will understand what they had done the mistake.
By this, you are helping your employees to do work more efficiently and make them more productive in their work.


Understand these principles to become a great leader. It will surely help you to understand your employees and you will also grow to attain success in life.