Regulate your Blood Sugar Level

5 Easy Ways to Regulate your Blood Sugar Level

Today we have seen because of our diet or bad lifestyle many people are getting high blood sugar levels in their bodies. Mainly people are not caring about this and it becomes a dangerous problem that can be with you for the life and can lead to diabetes.

Why is it happening?  Understand the fact, when we eat simple carbohydrates food (mainly refined food), it leads to the sudden rise of sugar level in the body and immediately go down and due to this people feel lethargy.

Understand the effect of food on our body, when we eat carbohydrates it changes to sugar, then after absorbing through the small intestine it will enter into the bloodstream. Then the work is for the pancreas. It starts releasing insulin to slow down the process of sugar and regulate blood sugar levels.

But refined or processed food directly enters the bloodstream, and suddenly spike the level of sugar. So eat complex carbohydrates food that contains fiber. This will help to release sugar more slowly and never spike your blood sugar level.

So here we are giving how you will regulate the sugar level of the body and remain healthy.

Fibre Food

Always try to eat that food that has more fiber. Here you have to understand the magic of fiber. When we eat this type of food, then it will help to slow down the secretion of sugar directly to the blood.
Fiber-rich food also full fill your hunger. Your body does not feel hunger for the long term. And also there is no sudden increase in sugar level and it releases energy slowly.


Vitamin C Food

Vitamin C always regulates your blood glucose level and improves immunity against different diseases. It will also help to regulate your metabolism and helps in digestion to improve the absorption of food.

Many surveys said those who take Vitamin C diet every day, their respiratory system will improve and will be healthy body system.

Energy Drink or Alcohol

Today mostly energy drink contains lots of sugar content or artificial sweeteners that will directly increase your glucose level or gives other side effect and causes diabetic.

Alcohol mostly contains starch that will increase your blood sugar so if you want to drink then drink natural juice or others that is not processed.

Check Weight

It is an important factor that increases the blood sugar level. If you are out of control weight then it is surely dangerous for you. Overweight people got many diseases not only diabetes but also other diseases.
So always think about how you will control your weight by proper way of eating.

Midnight Snack

You have to understand that at night our digestive system is at low potential. So always avoid midnight snacks after dinner. The survey said that at night extra calories will deposit on the waistline or on the stomach area. And because of that, it leads to obesity.

So if you want to eat a snack after midnight then eat that food that has high protein and less fat like Greek yogurt. You can also consume vegetable salad as it has fewer calories and has fiber also that will fulfill your hunger.