The Art of Taking Action, Executing, & Self-Discipline

The Art of Taking Action, Executing, & Self-Discipline

We always think sudden that this idea is good and our heart says if we start working on that idea we get success. So we start to work on it and after some time most people think about whether I am doing work on this idea will make me successful or not in the coming future. This behaviour leads us to a confusing state and after some time because of fear of criticism or failure we give up and don’t finish on that ideas.
You have to understand that not finishing work in Idea doesn’t help you to get success in future. Failure on that ideas helps you to get the best feedback and could help you to get the successful idea implementation.

So finishing the work that you have started plays an important role to learn and take feedback to achieve your goal. But because of some internal or own problems we started thinking we will not get success and we leave it.

So here you have to be Focus on working with your action and being consistent that will  help you to achieve your target.
For this, you have to create a mindset to achieve the target so let’s know the best mindset condition to achieve your target.

Want, Will,Wont

Here you have to first take action on what you want from your action and how you can get it. Then take small steps that motivate you to work and what the innovation you will add so that it will help you to achieve the target.
During your work you won’t take the phone, don’t look into the email or other things that create a distraction. You just don’t do any other work till the work or ideas what you want executed or not.


10 -10-10 rule

Sometimes we feel lazy and don’t do that work which is important and then we think what will happen if I didn’t do work today.
I can do that work tomorrow, but here we are doing wrong steps the more time we spend to achieve our work and it becomes our habit that shows our failure.
Here you have to understand the rule, if you didn’t do your work for 10 min, then you will not work for 10Hours, similarly, it goes to 10 days.
This lead you procrastinate stage. So never stop to work do it regularly stepwise. In this rule firstly do work for 10 min, then you can do work for 10 hours and after some time you can do work for 10 days.
After some time it will become your habit and you can easily complete your project or ideas more efficiently.

So at last if you feel enthusiastic about any ideas and Start to work on properly the above rules can help you to achieve your target.
Never run for perfection run for learning after some time you automatically feel good when you get success.