Metaverse future of internet revised

Metaverse : The Internet Future

Metaverse term coined by Neal Stephenson in his book based on science fiction novel “Snow Crash”, where he imagined how in future people will live and the people of different races, religions interacts each other in virtual life same as physical life.

Many movies like Matrix, Avatar come in the same fiction stories. Now Facebook and Fortnite Game companies trying to use the technology.
Here people use virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses with smartphones or other apps to connect themselves with other people.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said. It is the future of the internet where you just not scroll or see on screen but you can enter into and experience feeling to connect with people you want to know.

So the question arises where it is totally new technology of internet and what is the effect on us, we will understand here.

Social Life

Social culture will totally change in Metaverse. Currently, we chat, text or call the people we know but in this technology, we talk into the virtual world with feeling like the physical world.
We don’t have to travel to see football or any other event outside the country or in which we are interested. Our Avatar will go to that place and experience the same way as we are currently attending.
Every social interaction will change in a more exciting way by relaxing at home in the upcoming future.

Work Life

Now after the pandemic and due to globalization people want to work from home. This culture is rising as people feel more comfortable than going to the office for work.
The Metaverse helps them by creating their 3d Avtar and office members associate themselves by virtually office environment and share their work.
In future training and development will also be done by perfect interaction with the team members. They don’t have to travel for this.


During the Metaverse era, most countries prioritise the use of digital currency or cryptocurrency for transactions decentralised way.

This is the future where everything becomes independent the way people want to spend money to buy, sell,import-export or any other economic activities all become digital.
Snow Crisis book describes the future of the internet become so vast where government power becomes less on economic and everything becomes privatisation and the virtual parallel universe will exists.


As time passes after the pandemic we see now totally technology changed overnight. Now people spend time more on the digital platform whether it’s work or any other activities.
Mainly people can’t live or think their life without the internet so it’s the right time to enter the future of the internet Metaverse.

So this is the new but very exciting technology in which everything will change our emotions, our culture and lifestyle enter into different technology which makes our life more convenient.