Ways to Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke

5 Ways to Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke

Today we can see the increase in the heart related problems and the way it is increasing it becomes common in every human being. The main cause of heart related problems is the lifestyle we are living. Not only adults but children are also vulnerable to heart disease.

You have to understand that the more your heart is healthy you can do extra activities in life. But nowadays not only we are putting our health at risk, It also affects family and it sometimes becomes a genetic disorder.

So how you can prevent heart related diseases.


What you eat, affects your heart. Most people talk about nutrition but they don’t control their diet. So eat wholegrain food, legume, beans,plant-based food item.

When it comes to animal-based food then eat lean protein items and prefer seafood. Surveys show those who consume more animal-based food, they become more close to carcinogenic diseases.


It plays an important role to control heart disease and also increases the blood flow to the heart. Many Surveys show if an adult does moderate-intensity exercise for 150 min each week like walking and 75 minutes of vigorous activity like jogging, It will increase heart health and eliminate heart related disease.


It is the main culprit of your heart related problem and it acts as a slow danger to the health of the people. So if you are addicted to tobacco then act now and talk to the doctor about how to overcome this addiction.

Social Factor

Heart related problems also arise on your food availability. Which area do you live in or what type of person who lives with you are surrounded and follow.
Understand it’s important what you are it depends upon the condition of your surroundings so beware of it.


Sometimes we take drugs if we get ill without consulting a doctor. For example, many people take Aspirin because of fever or other simple diseases.
You have to understand it will affect you and your heart’s blood capacity to pump, so talk to your doctor first then take any drugs.

In the future heart disease will increase because of our stressful life, competition, and global climate change. So beware of it and take care of your heart or health.