Top 7 Business Books that Helps You in Understanding Business

Today a lot of startups are coming, some are getting a Huge success, Some Fail, and some shutdown within 5 -10 years because of failure. It happens because of products that a company delivering are not giving value to customers or their owner have no more information about their products and how they will manage their resources. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett read lots of books to know how to handle pressure and how the others get successful after tackling the failure. If they can read the book then I think you should also read the book to understand why people get a failure in the company and how you can overcome failure to get successful.

So here are the 7 best books that help you to understand your business and how you will associate your products to customers.

Zero to One

zero to one

This book helps you to understand how you have to open your company based on the technology not on globalization. In this book, you will know the secret how your company can become unique from the other companies. Peter Theil described all the features of products through which company can deliver value to customers. In the future how people will manage with Machine or computer technology to increase productivity.

Lean Startup

This book is written by Eric Ries, he clarifies about minimum viable product methodology which will help you to know about how you can create products with minimal time and resources. After that, you go to the customer for the interactions or feedbacks which will help to know about products strength and weakness. This methodology helps you to pivot your strategy quickly and to know about your product penetration on the market.


Nir Eyal the author of this book clarifies how you can build habit-forming products like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or gaming industry that are making customer addictive to use their products. In this book, he explains by the four methods you can understand whether your products are solving the problem and how you will associate your products with human emotions.

Jab Jab Jab Right Hook

jab jab jab right hook

Gary Vaynerchuk clarifies the difference between giver and asked, how two different behaviors help your products to reach to customers ends.
He explains when you are delivering value in products and spreading knowledge about your product or ideas as the giver, it affects the mentality of people and people associate themselves with your products, this process will help you to sustain for the long term. If you always ask or try to sell your products without giving value to society, then in most chance your products will not show the impact on customers.

Tipping Point

Why some products go viral or others not, this book explains how you can send your products or message or ideas in such a way so that it reaches to the tipping point, at this point your ideas or products become viral. In this book, you know how connectors,maiven, and salesperson helps your product to reach more across people.

Start with Why

Start with Why

We see many leaders inspire us and motivate generations to become like them. In this book, you will understand why they started their business. They don’t think more about what they doing and how they will achieve their target. An entrepreneur always belief in the golden circle. Golden circle explains fully why they started and the purpose behind starting this journey. The HOW explains the process you have to use to get the desired result. And WHAT explains the result produced at Last.

Spin Selling

Spin Book

This book teaches us whether our product is at a superior end, but we don’t know about the art of selling products. So we have to know about the art of selling. Here author summarises the 35000 sales call done by the salesperson. So it describes the spin method of selling.

This strategy helps the company to understand the situation of customers and help the organization to achieve Target.


By this principle, the company will understand the context of sales and how to interact with customers.


This step helps you to know the problem of customers, and how you will coordinate to solve problems of people.


This explains about your products what will happen and how you can react if customers don’t like it or act on the product. By this, you will get challenge to full fill the customer needs.

Need payoff

At last, get the desired information about your life and try to ask more questions so that they will explain how your product Full fill the needs of customers.