Weight Loss Myths : Just Break it

Today everyone wants to reduce some weight so that they can fit in the old dress they were wearing.  Sometimes they see their previous photo and like to be the same as young they were. Because of this, they take different advice from different people which leads to regaining more weight.
Weight loss depends upon the lifestyle you are following. Because of obesity, even children are getting problems in life.
Many people just believe blindly what others are saying and it leads to myth. So what is the common myth to reduce weight? let’s start it.

Avoid Carbohydrate

It is the most misconception that avoiding carbs will help to lose weight. But here you have to know about the difference between complex and simple carbohydrates.
You have to avoid simple carbohydrate food or processed food as it will increase your glycogen level in the body that leads to weight gain.
So eat complex carbohydrates like whole-grain food. It contains fiber and helps to attain the body desire you want to achieve.


It doesn’t work if you think not to eat for a certain time. It will not help you in long term. After some time you will get upset and then it decreases your metabolism and weight gain. Here you have to add proper nutrition with the fasting technique if you want to get rid of obesity.
So use this technique with proper nutrition for sustainable weight loss what you want to desire.


We always hear from people about fat intake, don’t eat fatty food if you want to get the desired weight. But here it’s the more common myth.

People need to understand that fat from natural food like dry fruits or other seed items helps you to get the desired toned body. So take fat from natural food items but avoid food that contains processed fat in food items.


For weight loss, many people ask doctors about pills. Many surveys reviewed that those people use this technique to get the desired result as soon as possible.
For this, they took various medicine pills. But they don’t know about the side effects on the body. Remember if you take short-cut options to get the desired result, chances are that you get various health issues in the future.
So always, reduce weight naturally for the long-term benefit.

Eat less

We always hear if you want to weight loss, then eat less this is the most common myth. You have to know what to eat or not. If you eat more quantity food but not quality food, then you will not attain the desired result.
So think about quality food, not quantity food. Because the quality of food helps to keep your metabolism right and regulate your digestive system work well.

Diet drink

Today many energy drinks or other liquors are claiming that it’s a diet drink. But many surveys revealed that diet energy drinks or liquors will lead to reverse weight gain.

But if you want genuine weight loss instead of these types of drinks, use natural fruit or vegetable drinks which will give you multivitamins and increase your weight loss more naturally.