Social Media Dangers2

Social Media Dangers : Use Smartly

Social media allows a way to interact with people and help to know about their interests that make our life more interesting.
It works properly if we know how to use it properly. Social Media influence people and help to reach people to launch various products in the industry.
It helps to learn various nature of technology but if we don’t use properly its bad for ourselves.
So here are the danger of social media which you will have to tackle if don’t use social media properly


Today’s data of people like what they do, what’s their interest many companies spend money to get the information. Many people are using social media to take advantage of that information. Sometimes they give data to them without asking people.
So it’s a major concern that today everybody is getting this information and it may create problems in the life of people.

Mental Health

Nowadays most people are suffering because of using so much social media. They spend lots of time on social platforms.
Today this has become an addiction, people, before going to sleep and after wake up visit the social platforms daily, which leads to various issues related to not only mental but overall health also.
So don’t spend more time on social media but use social media to increase productivity in a¬†healthy way.


When you spend lots of hours on social media platforms in just one position your metabolism rate decreases. And because of that what you eat deposit as fat. By this, your weight will increase more rapidly and causes health problems. You can easily get diabetes and other health problems.
So don’t spend more time on social media platforms, if you want to get a proper life.

Social Unrest

We see various posts or photos on social media platforms that are so hateful and full of social abuse. It makes social unbalance between different people and raises issues between them.
We can get violence or racism toward different compositions of society. So, regulate the use of these sites that will help us to grow as a unit.

Political Agenda

Today we see somewhere these platforms are now setting political agenda by blocking big leaders of countries like America, Nigeria, and other countries.
Now in the future, it looks like social media will become government and issue many threats to the country’s democracy.
We also saw many elections were influenced by these sites. So it will propel many threats to the society and badly impact to the people’s life.
If we use social media platforms very safely to increase our knowledge and productivity then it will help to secure the best present and future.