Flow Like a River

4’F Factors that help us to Remove Obstacles: Flow Like a River

When we work initially we think firstly whether we are capable to do that work or not. This mentality increases anxiety in us. But we don’t know that we can achieve success only when we work hard in a consistent way, you have to remain in between anxiety and boredom.
Boredom in any work arises when we think that work is achievable or not challenging. So questions arise how we can work regularly like the flow of the river that helps to achieve our target more consistently way.
We see how river makes its own path by removing Various obstacles to arise and flow consistently.
So here are 4F factors that help us to target our work as the flow of river so that we can easily achieve hard work in a systematical manner.


Understand the power of focus in life. It helps you to remain in that zone for a long time. Today the main problem is that people have lost Focus, so to increase focus remove all distractions from your side. Many people change their behavior to attain focus in their work by allowing working hours in a systematical manner. Most of the researchers said that when we do our work in focus it will decrease the amount of working hours to achieve the target in a specific time.
So understand your work then work time and increase focus in your life to get success.


Just understand two situations when you talk to your friends your two hours of Talktime just passed liked 20 min, but when you go for a job interview your 20 min looks like you stuck in 2 hours for this.
Why Does It Feel?  Think in both situations,here an important part is freedom of expression or interesting topic. Between friend talk, you expressed al your emotions but in a job interview, you don’t have so much freedom to talk on that topic.
So always when you do your work think it as a friend and talk to your work as freedom of expression like why this is not going on and how I will get a solution.


This play important role to achieve our target, if you are not analyzing work regularly. It means you are not improving your daily capabilities.
So for this first clear your target what you want to achieve and then work on that target. If you will not get success then take clear feedback to know where you are lacking and how you will use feedback to achieve  the target.

Four Percent Challenge

How does this factor help understand two situations? Suppose you are an amateur player and you have two options one is superior from you another player is at your same skill levels.
Obviously First superior player easily defeats you in a single round and in another case, after some time you will defeat the player of the same skill level. This will increase boredom. So always take the challenge and try to work on that target that is four percent tougher than skill level.  It increases your focus and feels good to attain that Target.
So to achieve success always take regular steps and increase your capabilities by four percent every time to attain target in a consistently way.
Remember to achieve success in your target flow like a river never stop try to remove obstacles every time with more power every time.