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5 Project Management Mistakes to avoid for Business Growth

Project management software market are growing today and making approx. $1 billion revenue globally. Today every business wants to adopt online modes of revenue generation, because of that every business need scalable and agile optimization solution to create operation infrastructure. Companies like Atlassian, Work front are coming in this project management sector and according to market research by Technavio this sector will rise from 2017-2020. The benefits of this Project management software are that it helps to reduce the operation time and helps people to focus on the core values for their company. This software’s have various feature like project planning tools, workflow management, task management, advanced reporting improved team collaboration and communication. Despite of the potential of these tools people have to use these tools efficiently, because of wrong implementing it will increase headache and waste resources.


So here are the top 5 project management mistakes that we have to avoid for using this technology more efficiently.


Lack of Objectives and Benchmark


These tools are highly featured technology, so first know about what is your clear objectives and how it can help your business. Always select those tools who define your vision and before buying these tools first take the trial version and use it after that test it carefully for your business. For project management tools testing use “DUMB “rule it should Doable, Understandable, Manageable and Beneficial.


Lack of Software usability training

computer work

Project management tools are advanced to use, so before applying in business your team members have to understand the rules to use it properly. Not everybody is technology gifted, so provide training to your members for these tools. Training is essential for marketing and sales generation, it can help your members to reduce time period for project and increase the efficiency which leads to managing the resources in well-mannered way.


Lack of project prioritization


Today many service based company have lots of project, and many projects are going concurrently so that they can handle all the projects given by people. Because of that many employees are wasting their time on those project which are in low prioritization. So before doing work for projects first identify which are in top priority and which is not, balancing these helps to reduce the time for operational work. For project prioritization always use to simplify the workflow in smaller components.


Missing Employee performance

Project management tools help employee to work better for projects, but different employees have different potential, so to balance all every company have to evaluate the performance of employee.

For this project management tools help to evaluate the workflow of employee and give you presentation how they are doing their project and where they are lacking. By proper evaluation it will help to increase the efficiency of the employee.


Lack of communication


We all know communication always play important for every business, so team members using project management tools have to communicate daily about project progressive report and how can they help others to work efficiently. Lack of communication always push your company to detrimental stage every day. These tools are cloud based technology but just signup and start not will help to people for motivation simple communication like project guideline, one to one communication will help people to motivated and involved on a daily basis.