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Top 7 Digital Trends for Entrepreneurs to Watch

In today’s world entrepreneur always think about the impact of digital world to their business. Digital wold is so dynamic that helps company to push their limits and leads to continual improvement with time to time. The way technology is changing entrepreneur have to always with latest technology and they have to know every stages of digital transformation is going on to make them keep up always. To go ahead of competitor here are the list of digital transformation which will change the shape of digital world in 2017.


Data visualization

To cope in digital world we have to use appropriate technique which will help to visualize data and help to make decision better for company. There are various topic of digital world on which we have to keep eye in 2017 like big data, internet of things, augmented and virtual reality.



Re-platforming Ecommerce

Today there are many E commerce companies already existed and many are coming , this increases the complexity and more disruptive market. So for survival in this case E commerce company have to migrate from the current platform to other platform with the objective of creating competitive advantage in disruptive and complex digital marketplace.


Mobile reachable

Today everybody have mobile devices, they always use mobile device to choose what they want so company have to make their product reachable to customers easily. It will improve the customers perspective from where they will know about their product and how easily can they buy that product. So always try to make mobile moment for customers which will help to reach your product very easily to customers.


Mapping of customer journey

Every company have to keep eye on what customers are buying and what is their needs, so for this they have to always use customer journey map which give the information about the customers need and their desire.



Company have to think about once will it giving the same message for every customers every time. Personalization will help company to give the right message to different customer segment. It will help company to make personal interaction with customers and build great relationship with customers.



There is basic difference between Proof of concept (POC) and Minimum viable product(MVP). Proof of concept is basically used in to determine the technical and design challenges. On the other hand MVP will not only define product design but also answers all technical questions but also help to test fundamental strategies.


Use of conversational chat bots

We already know Bots are conversational agent which will live in messaging platform like Facebook Messenger. There are many conversational apps and bots present everywhere. So we have to use new avatar bots with intelligent context which will help to get more success for apps and websites. Microsoft has tried to get to ahead of this trend by using Microsoft bot framework.

Digital transformation will help to make adaptable and agile business model which will help company to make sustainable for long time.