Better Not Bigger : Companies New Strategy

Today various startup is coming on a daily basis, now newcomer is growing more than other established traditional business. Why it is happening, the answer is now companies are not running to build bigger companies like traditional. They mainly focus on becoming better than others.

The advantage of being better over bigger is that they always focus on not going more scalable at the early stage. They always focus on technology
Innovation in technology helps a company to stabilize according to the daily perception of people and look ahead in early-stage.

So today if you are working to be better than bigger, it leads you to get the best output from the company for the long term.
Now the question arises what do you have to do to use this strategy.

Profit vs Scalable

Here you have to understand, that when you go to scale your product, you have to expense your money and this type of big thinking eats your profit.
But here you have to sell your products to those who will associate your product as the solution to life. By doing this your earnings will increase and also have time to manage the feedback you are getting from customers.


Those businesses which will attract potential customers and have the ability to retain them always get more profit. If you just think about mass acquisition of customers then it will not give the best potential customer to your product.

So if you want to get better than other then attract customers and retain them as potential buyers or influencers for your product.


Here you have to understand whether the product you are launching will firstly satisfy you and fulfill your needs or not. If it is not, then think about how you will generate it and take innovation according to need.

If you are earning more profit then just put your ego on the other side and take autonomy to whether what you are delivering to the people firstly meets your need or not.
Don’t ever think about what you launched will satisfy your customers exactly. This type of behavior creates problems for your company to get better than others.

So think better, not bigger.  Just see today companies that are better in technology and uses future initiative will get more success than traditional companies.
The way you think better the bigger your company will get as time pass.