Deep Nutrition

Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food

The way we are living nowadays, we come under the influence of people on what we eat or not. But it is a fact that modern dieting techniques work only 5 percent. After 1 to 5 years our health problem occurs whether it is obesity or another disease. Just look at our ancestors,how they live or eat. They were eating only fresh food and were doing more physical work to get that food.

Today we just order anything from anywhere and eat on the basis of nutrition information provided by food company. Because of this behavior, we are not living more unlikely our ancestors.
So question is arising which type of food we have to choose which will help to attain our optimum health. The answer is simply to adopt the traditional method of eating habits according to our ancestor’s genes. Our body become the same as what we eat.

There are four pillars on which our diet must follow to fullfill our needs and increase our longevity

Fresh Food

Antioxidants always play important role in our body. These types of nutrients come from various herbs, spices, or plant-based food. But you have to consume fresh food for optimum health.
Packaged plant-based food is mostly away from all nutrients, so try to eat fresh plant food to increase strength and health.

Sprouted or Fermented Foods

Sprouted food contains lots of microbes that help our digestion well in a consistent way. If we replace wheat with sprouted legumes in the diet, it will help to attain what type of body you want.

Meat with Bones

If We talk about nonvegetarian people, nowadays most of the meat they are consuming is frozen or processed. The drawback of these types of meat is that they don’t have all nutrients like fresh meat with bone. Our ancestors when were eating meat they eat whole meat with a bone to get all the minerals present in the bone also.

So if you are a non-vegetarian try to eat fresh meat that delivers with the bone to get the best result for your body.

Animal Organs

It looks weird to eat animal organs, but our traditional food contains these organs like animal liver which are high in nutrients and contain various micronutrients.

So if you want to be healthy and live longer like our ancestors then try these four fillers of deep nutrition in your lifestyle.