How Companies use Customer's Feeling to target Market Share

How Companies use Customer’s Feeling to target Market Share

Today companies understand the feeling of the good and happiness of the people which plays an important role to sell their products to customers. What we are searching for, communicating on social or the internet, companies are spending to get that data and use it as it is to promote their products. We all know that people who search for anything, always think about wellness or feeling good for themselves.
So many surveys show that “feeling good ” about customers related market share increase to 1.5 trillion dollars and companies are looking forward to entering by seeing more opportunities and Factors that the company sells their product.


Companies understand how they can influence people by showing care for health for them. Today everything that they are advertising always claims healthy whether that product is healthy or not. But people don’t understand the psychology behind promoting it. So use wise decisions before buying the product from these types of companies.


Every company understand fitness manipulation by advertising various products based on fitness motive. Because of that there is a clash between competitors about advertising and promoting their products like they have an advantage over others. Here people must understand the role of this advertisement and buy only reliable product.


We all know how people associate their products with their lifestyles. They think more about products of high prices that have the same quality as the medium price product. They try to show people that they are capable of premium products. So if people use the same mentality, then why not the company target these types of people.

Stimulus Agent

There are some stimuli agents which motivate us to get the product. Companies nowadays use our data from the internet to understand what we like to search. After evaluation of searching data, they send or show that product which stimulates and try to sell the product.
So most companies use these methods to earn profit.   The company just thinks about selling and associates it with our felling whether they really care or not.

Here you have to understand all the factors before buying the product and don’t waste you precious time or money before buying.