4 level of executions

It’s All About (The) 4 LEVELS OF EXECUTION

Execution plays an important role in success. Suppose you have a great idea but without execution ideas are worthless. Today every people who have the success they know to manage time and execute their work on the goal. Think about How they are successful? They have the same 24 hours as you. Then why? Its because they know what is the important work they have to execute to achieve success. So here are 4 ways you can increase the level of execution for your success.

Know your Wildly Important Goal

Today every people say I was busy and due to this and that blah blah.. task didn’t complete. It is happening because they don’t know the difference between wildly important work vs less important work.  The wildly important goal is that work which after completion you think you accomplish something.  It makes another work secondary. Secondary works are those that don’t affect your success if it not executed or completed.
Today people don’t plan their work, because of that they waste important time on secondary work rather than to execute wildly important goals. So firstly plan your work on what is a wildly important task and secondary task, and then try to end according to priority, this will increase your productivity also.

Lead Behavior and Lag results

Your lead behavior means how much work you are doing for your goals. It defines your lag results or success. Suppose your goal of the company is to increase revenue then you have to work each day to increase sell and talk to your clients for your products so that they will buy it. So every day you have to measure your lead behavior to get lag results.


When you plan your work according to priority, then measure points or score for that work every day. It will help you to build consistency and increase your productivity. Suppose you are a footballer you are playing without a scoreboard, you play for some time but after that without a scoreboard, you will feel bored and you can’t measure your score. So scoreboard helps you to know results and increase productivity for work.


After all these above steps, try to note down all the work you did, which strategy you use to achieve success, where you are lagging or what more effort you will gonna do next to increase your productivity. So always take accountability for all your work on a weekly basis, it will help you to understand your strength and weakness.