Attribute of Power Laws

Personal Growth : Attribute of Power Laws

We all know the need for power to interact with people. How people associate themselves in a better connective way. To make you cope with people you have to understand the power laws which will make you a strong person.
Basically, power laws help us to attain the best way to connect us with people in a constructive way. So what is the attribute of power laws let’s start.

Say little

This is the most important rule to any people during the interaction. You have to always not say much but try to understand the interaction between people. If you follow this rule then you will have more power to listen in every situation and also help to analyze.

This law will help you to increase the potential to get a better connection with people. When you follow this and say something then everyone takes your word as valuable and gives more respect during the interaction.


We know that courage in life makes you go beyond the limit to become the best version of yourself. Audacious behavior lets you fight and take the situation under control at any position.

Those people who are audacious, deal with tackle with other people whether they are powerful or not. These types of people never are in fear of any situation.
So be audacious in life and always take a position in life that is right.

Take the example of Martin Luther King who opposed the American government against the racism of black people. This type of audacious behavior leads to becoming more successful and also help to understand the work situation.


This is the important law of power to understand for personal growth. Being formless in life means you can adapt yourself according to a situation not be remain rigid in one way.

Be formless like water. We always see water can flow under any path whether you put any block on the way, it can change form and flow. So being formless in life help you to grow yourself outside your limit because you never put yourself under the limited condition

So use these power laws in your life and make yourself ready for any conditions in life.