5 whys

Root Cause Analysis Template for Companies- 5 whys

Root Cause Analysis Template – 5 Whys

The main problem towards company now days how they can adapt themselves according to problem. Big company have enough money to adapt their organization properly but problem come to small company who started their early growth. So company have to always analysis their problem by knowing why these problems are happening.

5 Whys” who help company to adapt themselves according to problems let’s take root cause analysis example of Toyota production system how they will use this method to overcome the problems.

1. Why this machine stop?

Answer: – It stopped because there was an overload and the fuse blew.

2. Why was there an overload?

Answer:-  Bearing was not sufficiently lubricated.

3. Why did machine not lubricated sufficiently?

Answer: – The lubrication pump was not pumping sufficiently.

4.Why was it not pumping sufficiently?

Answer:- The shaft of the pump was worn and rattling,

5.Why did the shaft worn out?

Answer: There was no strainer attached and metal scrap got in.

These “ 5 Whys” help uncover the root problem and correct it. Here all the problems arising is technical problem because of human problem.

Importance of 5 “Whys”(Systematic problem solving tool)

The core idea of “5 Whys” to know what is the core problem is happening and how company make incremental investments and evolve a startup’s process gradually. This help company to know why the problem is happening and according to the problem company have to invest time, skills and money to solve the problems. This also acts as a natural speed regulator which help to reduce the crises arise in company and improve the speed of the work and efficiency.

How we have to initiate “5 Whys” in company:

  1. Star small, Be specific

For every problem we have to identify first which problem is the root cause and then select that problem, because once that problem solved automatically we will solve all the link of problems.

  1. Appoint a “5 Whys” master

To any problem we have to select a master from each department who can easily handle the root problem. This person not easily handle problems but also help to use low resources of company to work efficiently.

  1. Work in small batch

Company have to work in small batches to make product sustainable for this they have to identify the best person from each department and then if there is problem occur in product then they have to identify the problem in product and then fix it firstly to initiate further work. This process help company to build sustainable product.