5 Reasons Why People take Step back before Starting their Business

When we choose to start our own company firstly think about idea then think about how we will make it to reality. Problem always arising if we fail then what will happen to us and our family but entrepreneur always think about that in this life there is no guarantee of success you will fail sometime but Failure will teach you lesson and help to achieve success.We know that 80 percent startups come to end in 2 years for this you have power to take bold decisions and always ready to failure. This behavior help your mind to think different parameter to achieve success.Many people don’t decide when they have to enter in own business by leaving job because human nature teach us to first make your basic needs secure then think about to step in different direction.This mentality will narrow your thinking and decision power.So here are the five reasons why people take step back before starting their own business.




People always try to find out the perfect time when they have to open company,there is no such thing exist even 60 year old person capable of opening company just like teenager are just need belief that you are ready just go ahead don’t think about money,experience,skills or other things,if you are capable just do it.After one to two years you will understand what you had taken decision it was right for your life.




When we think about failure everybody go under the pressure this is scariest part of life,they don’t know the power of failure how it will teach lessons in life.if you are not capable of handling failure then you will not get success, you will just do average work what others are doing and always think about life safety.Many company owners get failure first time but they know to handle the failure and overcome from this to get success.So always ready to give your 24 months to your company without fear of failure,it will help to get success what you want from the life.




People think if you have money then you can start any business,but this is just myth if you are not capable of making money without money then you are not capable of opening any business.If your product will deliver value to society then flow of money is automatic will happen,so always use your potential to create valuable product and forget about money.Before starting you business you have that money which will fulfilled your basic need at least 2 years,this amount of money is good for starting your own business.




People are not seeing me boss,what if they listen i am going to start my business what they think.This type of mentality always come but you have to always come to point that people don’t matter what are you doing,they just come when you will get success,so don’t think about people just start and follow your dream.Once you will start your business and become successful,they think about you as a born Entrepreneur.




You think starting business is hard and risky,you have to work hard,sacrifice family time and face lots of pressure,this is reality if opening own business is easy then everybody start their own business.We live in conventional society what our parents say we follow everybody want secure paycheck they don’t think about involving themselves in risky and hard word.So always ready to take risk for your dream, Life is short so do everything with heart.