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7 Public Speaking Fundamentals for Entrepreneur

Public speaking plays an important role in person whether it come to as formal event or other event you are participating.It shows how you can associate yourself with others.For Entrepreneur public speaking is very important it plays important role how you can attract your investors and clients in your company.

So here are the seven public speaking fundamentals Entrepreneurs have to master.


When it comes to become good public speaker you have to make powerful first impression,for this make yourself to look good and sharp. You have to always remain calm in every situation and try to avoid nervousness and anxiety from your mind. Additionally always show right posture throughout the event it will help to control your breathing pattern.


Many people during public speaking think that they are speaking more slowly compare to actually you are,because of this they end up their presentation in hurry. It will show that you are less confident and also you cannot associate yourself to your audiences. Instead pace yourself speak at that pace you think it is appropriate to understand by your own side and then think about how you can make this engaging to audience.

Filler word

We always see during speaking people when they think or try to add something they will use Filler words like um,ah or uh etc.This will show novice in front of audiences,so practice to avoid these words. For avoiding these Filler words,try to remain silence and then after sometime say, it will help yourself to connect with your audiences successfully.

Eye contact with audience

When we look into the eye of people with whom we are talking it will show our confidence. Firstly it will look irritating but slowly after practice you will easily target your audience in public. Eye contact wit audience help you to engage themselves and they also retain all the messages you want to deliver,so use this tips to engage audience successfully.

Engage Audience

You have to always just not to talk with audience ,but try audience also to participate with yourself.This will help to know what audience will think on the material what you are delivering and they will provide feedback also. It will improve to understand the audience and increase bonding of your with audience.

Use your Gesture

To make public speaking more effective use your hands or palm to demonstrate the material what you are delivering to audience. So use your gesture to make your communication more effective,it will show ho confidence you are with yourself and your atmosphere.

Practice but Don’t memorize

Make sure before going to speak to any event rehearsal all your thought minimum one time,it will help to get all the points what you want to say on stage. Never try to memorize the material,because it shows like robotic thought and also show not interesting. So try to analyse yourself with all the points what you will deliver to the audience.