Build Habit Forming Products

Hooked : How to Build Habit Forming Products ?

The secret to sustain for long-term in the market depends upon how your product makes the habit to the people. That is, they can’t think their life without your product. This type of product is called the habit forming product.
Just imagine can you live without Facebook, Instagram, Youtube nowadays most people associate their life with these platforms.
When people are happy they share their feelings on Facebook or Instagram. They use YouTube or gaming platform when they feel bored, because of these reasons, companies are successful. These companies understand human nature and make that types of product which acts as our painkillers.
So if you want to get success for long-term try to make habit-forming products. There are 4 methods to develop the habit-forming product.


It is the first phase to build the habit-forming product. Firstly make sure that your product must have capabilities to trigger the customers to change their mind to take action and use your product. There are two types of trigger.
  • External trigger: This trigger comes from a company by using advertisement after that it affects the customer brain to open and use the product. Example Youtube send you notifications about videos in which you are interested, then your brain takes action. You open Youtube to see the videos and spend lot’s of time on YouTube.The company spends a lot’s of money to trigger externally by advertising or arranging events so that people know about their products.
  • Internal trigger: It comes from inside the customer’s brain when they want to show their feelings to the world. It automatically comes to the mind of people to use the product. For Example, When we are feeling great and capturing our special events. Then We open Instagram and think we have captured our special events. So your products must have capabilities to associate automatically to the people feel so that they feel happy after using your products.
 The same Google is doing, when we are in confusion about something our mind automatically say us to open on Google and it helps to know about curiosity.
 Internal trigger is the best as compared to an external trigger because here customer is using their brain to use the product, if your product has these characteristics then you are close to making habit-forming products.


When customer triggered, then customer takes action to use your product. So always try to make your product simple, because of simplicity people can easily use your products. For Example, There are many other messaging apps. But people mostly use WhatsApp to send messages to their contacts. Do you know why? Because of its simplicity anybody can use it just by registering their phone number. Remember those products that are simple to use will trigger the customers. Then these products have more chances to become habit-forming products.


When customer triggered and take action by opening your company website or used your product, Are they getting what they want(Reward)? If people are getting a reward from your products, then it has a greater probability to become habit-forming products. Human mentality about products depends upon how they associate themselves with the product with emotion (happiness) and getting the reward. For Example,  On facebook when we see our timeline, Facebook shows it in such a way that we can associate the timeline with our emotion so that we can get rewards and then we spend our lot’s of time on Facebook.


After all these steps, try to make products so good that people will invest their time or resources on your product. For Example,  on Facebook, we share our status and upload pictures. Doing this We are investing our time. Because of this we never leave Facebook. So always try to make that product in which customers will invest their time and resources, it will help your product to associate with the emotion and life of the people.