Five Levels of Leadership

How can One Reach the Pinnacle Level of Leadership ?

Every organization has a different type of leaders and it matters most in their productivity. If you want to sustain your business for long term, understand what type of leader you are and how you will improve yourself to reach pinnacle level. Remember the definition of leader :A leader is who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. Nobody is born leader,yes you have talent but to become great leader you have to increase your leadership skills.

So here are the 5 levels of leadership that helps you to understand what type of leader you are and how you will reach the pinnacle level.


In this you have given rank like police officers and only you can lead yourself. If you have given task from upper-rank people. Your responsibility is to do that work. People will follow you because of your rank not because of how great you are at leadership. In this type of leadership you can’t make your team members because everybody who is working for you has some rank in their organization. So at this level only you can improve yourself and set your goals.


This level of leadership teaches you how you will associate yourself with your skills. You know your potential and always share your ideas to the people. Because of your ability to connect with your skills and connection with people, people want relationships with you. This leadership level helps to associate your connection with people and help to make great team members for the future.


This leadership basically depends upon your result for organizations. People will follow you because of what you have done for your organization. They also want to become like you. So to reach this level you must have a clear vision, work hard and try to increase the company growth.

People Development

After creating results and creating great team members, now you will reach a level where you generate future leaders. People will likely to connect with you to enhance their leadership skills. So always try to reach this level as early as possible and motivate future leaders to create great results for the organization.


This is the highest leadership level you have achieved for yourself and after producing future leaders. In this what you are saying the world will listen, like Warren Buffett, Bill gates, so always try to reach this level and help the world with your knowledge and help society by creating value towards them.