6 Pillars that Helps to Improve your self-esteem

The 6 Pillars that Helps to Improve your self-esteem

Self esteem is an important factor that decides people’s future. Many people say they are not able to achieve the success that they want. This is not true. You will get success if you go with full confidence in the work that you want. When you look at the people who now, we are calling success people like Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, they get success because of their self esteem. They believe in their own capabilities and use that confidence to build a successful life.
Self esteem directly affects your work rate. Suppose you want to open a business, but if your confidence to get success is low then how much work you will do if your mind is always in fear of being failures. Therefore, always remember if you want to do anything for success, then firstly understand how much confidence you have for this work.

So here are the 6 pillars that will help to improve your self-esteem and helps to achieve success.

The practice of Living Consciously

Nowadays people are in a rat race, everybody goes to the job then comes home, see television or do less productive work. Most of them think what they are doing is not great. Do you know why? Because you are doing the same work again and again. So make your routine for the extra work you want to do that will improve your productivity. Every people who want to get the success they always do that work that motivates them and they should know how to control their life. The Practice of living consciously helps you to know yourself and increase your productivity for your work. This is your life and living consciously gives total control on your life. If you can’t control your life then how you can control the pressure of work and become successful.

The Practice of Self Acceptance

God made every person with their own talent. So first know yourself and accept what things you are the best. You are not perfect and of course, have some weaknesses, but your success always depends upon your ability to work on strength and limit your weakness. In this world we think about society, not ourselves, so understand and accept what you are then just doing the best work you can do.

The Practice of self-responsibility

When people get a failure, they mostly blame their situation on other people. You have to understand this is your life and for success or failure, you are responsible. Those who take responsibility for failure, use that failure as a lesson and try to come back for success. So always accept your responsibility for every action and give a new try.

The Practice of Self Assertiveness

When we make a decision about what we are doing for ourselves or the company, we think about what will happen if people will not like it. Because of that fear most people don’t explain what’s going inside them. If you want to get success you have to always take bold decisions without any fear and explain to others. Some people will support you to get success some will not. Therefore always show courage to explain everything to people whether they like your decisions or not.

The Practice of Living Purposely

People have to know about their goals and should never be distracted from their purpose of life. Those who live without purpose always remain distracted. So always understand the purpose of life, and with all power try to achieve it.

The Practice of Personal Integrity

Personal integrity always plays an important role to achieve success. You have to make rules or values for yourself. It means what is best for you or what good things you can add value to society. This personal integrity or values inside you make a respectful person who always lives life by dignity.