How Companies Go From Good To Great ? Apply the Six Rules

Have you noticed why some companies are doing great than the others in the same field. In fact, there are many companies that come into the competition but only a very few companies remain for the long term.  Their success doesn’t depend on the unique products. But it depends upon how they use marketing strategy to communicate with people.

So here are 6 rules to make your company from good to great.

Hedgehog Concept

In this, the owner is disciplined, their employees are good and most importantly they use hedgehog concepts in marketing. For Example, a slogan like We deliver Pizza in 30 minutes or will give it to you free. Big companies always follow simple hedgehog concepts and rapidly using it for a long time. So try to use these unique hedgehog concepts to trigger the mind of people.

Self Discipline

Company success also depends upon how you are self-disciplined, what type of leader you are. Its because self-disciplined teach you to increase your productivity every day. With this mindset, you will select good people to your own company who gives the same amount of productivity as yourself.

Right people at the Right Place

When you hire people always remember to hire slowly and fire fastly. It helps you to know which people are right for the company. Never take emotions for hiring people, because for success choosing the right people will help to build great team members and help to sustain for the long term.


Everyday technology is changing. Therefore you have to pivot plan according to that to sustain in the market for the long term. Look at the Nokia as an example they didn’t use mobile technology android as other smartphone company used. Nokia remains in its ego we are the best without technology. Due to that, this happened to them, they lost reputation and sales. So always cope up with the new technology and use it to enhance the product quality.

Brutal fact

It is a fact that many companies are in the same product range. If you think you are the only one company in that segment then you are not in reality. So always accept this brutal fact and use great marketing strategy and team members who give their best to your company.


The successful company always believe in the vision. They know why they are in the market. Those company that doesn’t understand why, how and what company are doing to get success, at some time they lost focus from the market. So at every ups and down remain calm and keep faith in your vision.