Marketing and Branding_ The Science of StoryTelling

Marketing and Branding: The Science of StoryTelling

Marketing is an important thing when you want to associate your product with people. It will help your company product not to reach but also impact the lives of people. Branding your product is directly associated with marketing and the people that respond to your products.
So the question is how you can associate and make marketing more engaging. The best solution for it is to associate your marketing with your hero. Here Hero is a customer.Just imagine the story of the movie and you will understand how marketing is interconnected with the story.

Customer need

Here in the story of the movie, the Hero is always in search of what he wants, how he can get those things. After this, he chases and finds a way to get those. Therefore your company has to do marketing in such a way that it connects with the need of the customer. If you will satisfy the customer what they want, you have more potential to sell your products. In this way you will make your marketing strategy more engaging.


During marketing understand those things that remove the problem and distractions of the customer while choosing the products. Everybody puts lots of distractions to the customer and underestimate the simplicity. Try to remove the complexity. Distraction is just like a villain in the life of customers that doesn’t help to get the best products that they want, so always try to eliminate distractions and try to give the best product to the customer.


This is an important factor during marketing or branding, that tells your customer to get the best from your product. You have to associate yourself with the product. Like telling the customer If you will not use or associate with this product then you are lacking in your life.
When we tell the story then everyone has the desire to know, what will happen if our hero will not get what he wants. It gives us excitement in the story. Similarly, it’s your responsibility to excite your customers to understand that you will get what you want and our product is the only desirable for your needs.

This process of branding or Marketing will help you to understand the internal problem and external problem of your marketing strategy. So before doing marketing for the products think as storytelling to the customer that excites people’s minds.