the growth mindset

The Growth Mindset : Psychology of Success

Life is full of ups and downs, some get success some get failure everything happened because of how people mindset are working. People mentality work on two conditions of mindset one is fixed other is growth mindset. Fixed mindset people believe talent comes from God. If I will not get success in that work it means I am not built for that work or I will not do it Due to this they give up and becomes a failure. Whereas other people with the growth mindset think that’s OK, everybody achieves success on hard work because eachone is unique with different talent. If the growth mindset people get failure then they bounce back and work hard to get success.

People have to understand that the talent is important and everybody has a unique talent, but as life goes on you will get a different learning experience. How You will grow your mindset with experience and how to apply in your life is an important question.

If you remain on the fixed mindset you will not achieve success because the success comes from removing failures from the life. For this, you have to work hard with your talent. Example Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all the time. He becomes so successful by taking failures as a learning experience and use his growth mindset to achieve success. When he went to play basketball his coach said you are not good for professional basketball. Imagine, if he remains with fixed mindset then he should give up and get a failure. So everybody who is successful they should know how to use their mindset to tackle failure.

Examples are many like Thomas Alva Edison, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs. They got many failures in life. If they give up by thinking I am not good for this work then they will not become successful. At every failure, they use their growth mindset to learn from failure and apply skills to get success.

Same things work for business if the leader of a company who influences employee with a growth mentality. That is where they can learn new skills, and give freedom to people to take action even they face failure. Remember if leaders are of growth mentality always makes a sustainable business for the long term.

So here are the five growth mindset you have to apply in your life to become successful.


When you open your new company many obstacles come. Like your competitors, how your product and marketing strategy will work. Sometimes It creates obstacle but growth mindset people take this as a learning experience and analyze their competitors. After this, they come with a new strategy and apply it to get success.
Remember every obstacle check your motivation level, those who remain unaffected from the obstacle and remain consistent to work at last they will get success.


The leader always takes every challenge as an opportunity to grow and showcase the skills to the world. They believe challenges make themselves to know what is their strength and weakness. After that, they analyze themselves on how they will overcome from weakness. So the growth mindset people always keen to take challenges to evolve themselves for the long term.


The Growth mindset people understand where I am lacking and when products need to upgrade or to change in marketing strategies. They immediately take efforts to change it and upgrade it. This strategy helps them to learn new things every day.


Sometimes you use all resources and get the failure. Then people will criticize you for taking the bad decision. So take it as positive and take responsibility for your decision. This type of criticism will help you to take more efforts in your decision. So take criticism as a challenge to overcome your weakness and learn or upgrade yourself every day to get successful.

Take the success of others as an inspiration

Think about the great footballer Cristiano Ronaldo after the age of 33 he is getting more successful. In the recent test, results said that he has 20 years body at the age of 33. Imagine how hard work he is doing for himself to remain at the top and successful in football. Every day he is growing his mindset capability. So you have to also take it as an inspiration in your specialized sector that will work for you to attain success.
Remember those people who know their strength, stick to their belief and upgrade themselves with a growth mindset they will get success.