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10 Marketing Strategies You can Learn from Apple

For marketing you have no need to have master degree or have to be engineer, just look at the Steve job he has no these type of degrees, but he has great marketing skills. He used all these marketing skill to propel apple at top, and helped company to overcome out of bankruptcy. Today many company follow these marketing strategies to beat their competitors, so that they can create sustainable business. Here are the top 10 lesson we should learn from apple marketing:

Keep it simple

Apple always try to do marketing in a simplest way as possible, so that customers can easily know about their product. For this they firstly screen all necessary details they have to put for marketing for their product, after that they choose best medium by which it can reach to mass customers. This type of strategy helps customers to know about their product and new launches.

Use “influencer” as weapon

We know how social platform make product viral, so for this they believe that if your product deliver value to customers, it can easily influence people. Once people become influencer, then they will make your product viral easily bay sharing your products to their followers. Apple has so much budgets that they can do marketing at where they want like big events, on TV shows or movies but they always want to make customers as influencer and use them as weapon to influence other people.


Leverage reviews

Apple did well to get more more reviews from customers, to make product more innovative, so that every time customers will get the best from product. We have also done like apple, we have to collect more reviews and make our product more satisfactory. People always ready to give reviews for the product you launch sometime you have to give coupon or other exclusive deals to get reviews from people. This strategy will help your company to achieve B2B relationships and then put these reviews on website to make more credential.


Unique value compare to price

We know there is many more similar products in market at same price like Apple product, but when come to buy every time people will buy Apple product, because the value Apple will give there is no another product will give at that price. So we have also think about how our product will deliver unique value compare to other competitors.


core values

Core values

When customer think about product they think what is the core values product is giving in order to buy product. They want to see action how it can influence the other people when they will say that they have this product, because human mentality always wants compare their products to other people. So before marketing your product think how your product will influence people and how your customers differentiate themselves with other people.

Experience creator

When people buy apple product, they thought that they have bought the best product in the world. It gives people great experience of the product. So we have to also make these type of product which create better experiences to people after buying they say what our product is delivering no other product will deliver it. This strategy will differentiate your product to others company.


Talk people with their language

We know to connect and make bonding people always communicate with others their language, so every company have to connect customers with their own language, it will enhance the credibility of company people will think that how much company are caring them. This strategy builds long lasting bonding and also give freedom to customers to connect with company.


Create mystery

Always during marketing company reveals all the information about their product in front of customers, but Apple always create mystery about their product. Customers only speculate what is the new innovation is coming in product, they always remain in excitement to touch and experience the to make product more successful, always make boundary between useful information and secret information.


Focus on emotion

When we see Apple’s ads they always try to say how people are happy by using their product not like it deliver better memory size or super battery life. So always try to focus on the emotion of the people like, how much they are happy by using your product, it will help your product into viral movement and help to connect more and more people.


Use Visuals

When we teach kids with words it doesn’t connect them more deep in emotion, because of that kids will not remember things for long time, but when we teach with less word with visuals it will improve the memory and last for long time. This logic Apple use in ads they use less than 10 words and use more visuals to connect people with more emotions. So remember in marketing the fewer word than visuals you use in marketing it delivers more impact upon customers.

Apple used these strategies to achieve what they are today and growing across the globe. Any company can use these strategies and achieve the same thing, but firstly they have to believe on their own product and think how it will deliver value to society.