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IBM Watson Uncovered Key Traits of Mark Zuckerberg , Bill Gates , Larry Page

Today’s big leaders Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg always inspired people how they innovate, create successful business. How these people are different from other people,what personal traits differentiate them?

Online career management website Paysa used IBM’s supercomputer Watson uncovered the traits of successful leaders by doing survey of the big leaders from different 8 industries sector like entertainment, fashion, finance, law, marketing, media, medicine and politics.Watson finds that the first traits which every leaders contain is “intellect” after this “altruism” comes second and “imagination” comes third. On the top of these traits it include adventurous, authority- challenging, cautiousness and more.

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It also analyzed the personality traits and discovered who are the top tech leaders who have greater imagination and use the best technology to make their company sustainable. Tim cook is the most imaginative tech leaders by beating Jeff Bezos ,Elon Musk,Bill Gates and even Facebook man(Mark Zuckerberg).Elon Musk is the top most cautious tech leaders compare to others tech leaders.we all know tech leader use their best resources and deliver value to society ,so in altruism personality traits Watson put Whitman,Cook and Bezos at first place all of them the “most Altruistic leader”.The “most achievement- seeking leader” is Whitman before Hewlett Packard she worked in Disney and EBay. New York Times’s list in 2008 she is in the top list to become the first female president of USA.

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Compare to all others tech leaders Mark Zuckerberg is at the bottom in common traits all tech leaders have,but without these the uniqueness traits of Facebook co-founder and CEO become the youngest,richest tech leaders in silicon valley.He has intellect,emotionally,immoderation,melancholy and gregariousness these five personality traits.

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All these leaders identify their personal traits then work on their vision and achieve success.